Team8 is a connectable watch for kids (5-12 years old). Users can create and manage their own super-hero (name, costume, abilities, etc.). They can use it in many games and, by connecting 2 watches together, they can oppose their hero against the one of their friends.
BUT to do all those activities the heroes will need to feed from kid’s life force, this way the more the kids’ll do exercises, the stronger their hero become!
It will helps parents to control children’s weight, the camera inside will be used to collect points, but also to record kid’s food and check, in case of allergies, through the barcode if the product can be eatable for the kids. It will  send reminders for medication adherence, and help on many others health issues.

The GPS will allow parents to keep in touch with their childs, localise and send them text messages. They can also arrange their agenda, rewarded or punish kid’s hero, and much more…!
It will help kids to socialize, as they need to create a team with the 8 color’s heroes (great help for autist kids).

But what we really want to do behind Team8 cool & fun universe is to create the first health platform dedicated for kids.

This project has been selected and rewarded in many contests principally:
• Grand Prix Orange Datavenue Challenge
AIA Konica Minolta Accelerator powered by Nest, 3 months in Singapore for hardware and business development
MedStartup the 27th & 28th October 2016 in New York
We also were invited to the 2015 Collision event in Las Vegas, Websummit 2015 & 2016 in Dublin & Lisbon. We are incubated at the Telecom ParisTech in Paris and member of Medicen, followed by BPI France, CCI, AIA, Konica Minolta, Air France, PSA and more.

Team8 has been officialy incorporated independently the 10/11/2015.

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