Team8 is a new concept around a connectable watch for kids (6-12 years). Users can connect the device on the dedicated website to create and manage their own super-hero, he’ll be directly linked by the watch to their life-force (through the cardiometer). The more the kids’ll do sports, the stronger their hero become!
It will help parents to control children’s weight, to keep in touch with them with the GPS, to send them text message and arrange their agenda, all of this is included in the watch. The camera inside will also be used to record kid’s food and collecting points. When you’ll connect 2 watches :
– It will help kids to socialize, as they need to create a team of 8 heroes
See both heroes fighting and get more points
You can also train your hero with many little games included in the watch.
All this will help YOUR hero to get stronger, faster, and more powerful, to become the best hero in school!


This project has been rewarded last december by the « Grand Prix Orange Datavenue Challenge »

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